与米乐m6网页版登录入口代表实时聊天。 工作时间:上午 9:00 - 下午 5:00(太平洋标准时间)。









米乐m6网页版登录入口作为您团队的延伸,提供量身定制的校准服务解决方案,为测试设备节省时间、经济成本的同时确保设备性能与精度。 我们与您共同努力,帮助您在设备校准管理方面做出明智的商业决策。 每天都有成千上万的企业在米乐m6网页版登录入口的支持下,以具有竞争力的市场价格获得了原厂质量的校准服务。

  • 为包括米乐m6网页版登录入口、吉时利、福禄克等超过9,000个品牌14,000个型号的测试设备提供校准服务
  • 灵活的服务交付方式可供选择:现场校准,便捷取货,送返至米乐m6网页版登录入口原厂
  • 快速、值得信赖的周转时间
  • 全面的Z540与ISO 17025认可资质
  • CNAS认证资质
Tektronix calibration services team of technicians



Discover the Unbeatable Offering of Tektronix Calibration Services

With Tektronix Calibration Services, you gain much more than just calibrations. You obtain a competitive edge, an unwavering commitment to accuracy, and the confidence to deliver results that surpass expectations.

Multi-Brand OEM Compliant Calibration


We understand that your equipment lineup might consist of various brands. No matter the brand, we guarantee consistent accuracy and adherence to manufacturer specifications, ensuring your instruments perform at their peak all with a one stop convenience for your calibration needs.

  • OEM Specification Compliance: With Tektronix, you can trust that your instruments are calibrated following the exact calibration points and procedures published or recommended by the instrument OEM.
  • Broad Range of Instrument Brands: From industry leaders to niche manufacturers, we have the knowledge and experience to calibrate a wide array instruments from various OEMs, making us the go-to calibration partner for your diverse equipment lineup.
  • Full Range of Calibration Service Delivery Options Available: We will work with you to customize service delivery option that works best for you. Currently offering:
    • In-lab
    • periodic onsite
    • permanent onsite
    • virtual onsite
    • mobiles lab

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Tektronix & Keithley Factory Verified Calibration


As leaders in the test and measurement industry, Tektronix & Keithley set the benchmark for accuracy and reliability. With our Calibration Services, you gain access to factory-grade calibration for your Tektronix and Keithley instruments. Benefit from the expertise of the very companies that have pioneered precision in measurements for more than 75 years.

Discover the Unbeatable Advantages of Tektronix & Keithley Factory Verified Calibration Services.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Checks: Our Factory Verified Calibration goes beyond standard calibrations, incorporating additional preventative maintenance checks across the full range of instrument operation. Keeping your equipment in top shape, optimizing performance throughout the duration of the plan.
  • Firmware and Software Upgrades: Stay ahead of the curve with regular firmware and software updates for your instruments. Experience the latest features and enhancements, ensuring your equipment operates at its full potential.

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Field Services Managed Calibration


As a valued field service manager, we understand the challenges you face in managing geographically dispersed field service teams efficiently. Ensuring minimal downtime, maximizing productivity, and optimizing costs are essential factors in achieving peak performance for your field service operations.

Tektronix Field Service Managed Calibration empowers you with a solution to:

  • Minimize Downtime: You can bid farewell to delays caused by equipment calibration and repairs. We handle all aspects of calibration, repair, replacement, and disposal of field service tools, supplies, accessories, and consumables, delivering compliant field service tools right when your team needs them.
  • Increase Productivity: By entrusting the management of your field service tools to our experts, you can focus on what you do best—providing exceptional field service. You can rely on us to handle all calibration and maintenance tasks, allowing your teams to stay focused on serving your customers efficiently.

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Calibration technician performing a high quality calibration service on electronic test and measurement equipment

High-Quality and Accurate & Accredited Calibration Service

We take great pride in our team of highly skilled Calibration Technicians and Customer Service Engineers who possess an unmatched expertise in servicing a wide range of test and measurement equipment.

You can be confident that every instrument undergoes meticulous calibration procedures, that follows a rigorous certification and accreditation evalsuation by independent accredited bodies and follows NIST policies on traceability, ensuring precision, accuracy, and reliability time after time.

With Tektronix, you can rest assured that your valuable assets will be in the hands of professionals who prioritize precision, accuracy, and reliability.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Needs

No two engineering and production operations are the same, and we understand that. That's why our approach is not one-size-fits-all. Our dedicated team of Calibration Technicians, Material Handers, and Customer Service Engineers partners closely with you to understand your unique requirements, challenges, and goals. We then develop customized service solutions that align perfectly with your needs, allowing you to focus on innovation and production efficiency.

calibration technician and customer service engineer evalsuating tailored calibration service solution
Calibration Customer Service engineer shaking hand with customer in a sigh of trusted partnership

Trusted Partnership Approach

At Tektronix, we don't just see ourselves as service providers; we see ourselves as your partners in success. Our commitment to building long-term relationships means that you can rely on us not only for superior service but also for ongoing support and collaboration. Together, we can overcome challenges and achieve your operational objectives.


米乐m6网页版登录入口拥有完善的,用于测试和测量设备的校准服务实验室网络。遍布全球约 100 家实验室的 1,100 多名经验丰富,且经过认证的技术人员随时准备为您的仪器提供服务。对全球化 公司而言,我们可以成为您的本地合作伙伴,帮助您管理多个地点全部系列仪器的校准计划。




Calibration White Papers and Case Studies

Lean Calibration Process Case Study


Lean Calibration Process Case Study

Discover how Tektronix's quality calibrations have helped a large aerospace company improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain exceptional on-time calibrations for their sophisticated test and measurement equipment, ensuring a smooth production flow and continuous improvement.

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Turnaround Time Savings Case Study


Turnaround Time Savings Case Study

Uncover how Tektronix's calibration services helped a large semiconductor company achieve an impressive 82% reduction in calibration turnaround time, boosting productivity and equipment availability.

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On-Demand Calibration Webinar

Quality calibration is the key to confidence in your measurements. Our calibration experts, Jack Wojewski and Guy Robinson, will discuss several factors to consider to ensure the quality of the service you are getting. We'll answer the following questions:

  • Why is calibration important?
  • What is a quality calibration?
  • What should you look for in a calibration provider?
  • What should you include in a request for calibration?
  • How do you read scope of accreditation documents?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is calibration?

Calibration is the comparison of a measurement device (an unknown) against an equal or better standard. Calibration is all about confidence in the measurement results you're getting and assures you that your measurements are accurate within the specification limits that led you to select the instrument in the first place.

A "typical" commercial calibration references a manufacturer's calibration procedure and is performed with a reference standard at least four times more accurate than the instrument under test. The risks of not calibrating include false passes or false failures in production resulting in costly reworks or discarding products. Traceable calibrations also ensure adherence to the international standards that our commerce relies on.

Even though today's digital instruments are inherently are more stable than their analog predecessors, their tolerances are much narrower than in the past. And even the latest digitizing instruments have analog circuitry—preamplifiers, buffers, etc.—whose performance can change over time. A regular schedule of calibrations will keep your instruments in optimal condition to support your design, troubleshooting, and manufacturing work.

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Why should I calibrate my instrument?

Calibration ensures measurement accuracy. Routine calibrations are your prescription for the continued health and performance of your instrument. There are also costs and risks associated with not calibrating equipment regularly.

Calibration should be part of your engineering process. It validates your measurements over a period of time and reduces the risk of rework, recalls, returns and repairs. With proper calibration you can be more efficient with your time to market and reduce your total cost of test. In the engineering lab, inaccurate measurements can distort your findings about the behavior of an emerging design. You don't want to go through unnecessary design rework because your instrument was inaccurate during design validation.

There also may be regulatory requirements stipulating a regular calibration schedule. Penalties for non-compliance from an audit may be fines, loss of business, plant shut down or worse.

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Some of our equipment is difficult to move. How do we get it calibrated?

Sometimes sending in an instrument to get calibrated isn't an option. From onsite service to local service centers, there are different delivery options available to meet your needs.

Local service centers – Local service centers offer free pick-up and delivery within the locality of the center, and a broad scope of accreditation which helps minimize third-party costs.Tektronix has 27 North American and 18 International locationss. Find a service center nearest you.

 Periodic onsite service – With this option, customers can plan ahead and avoid having to take equipment out of service to minimize impact on your design and production schedules. This is also the best option to calibrate sensitive or large equipment that can’t be moved.

“Virtual onsite service” – With the concerns surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also introduced a new “virtual onsite” service where we dedicate the resources and standards that would have been used for onsite service but perform the service in our service center. Virtual onsites, combined with pickup and delivery service, allow for appropriate social distancing where required and offers the same fast turnaround times you would experience with a normal onsite service event.

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What is a calibration certificate?

A calibration certificate is an essential and official document that serves as a record for the calibration of instruments, offering a critical aspect of traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The integrity and accuracy of this certificate are indicative of the credibility and validity of the organization conducting the calibration. A Calibration Certificate accompanies the instrument when it's returned to its owner, documenting crucial information about the instrument's condition, including out-of-tolerance conditions and special measurement circumstances.

Calibration certificates may vary in format due to geographical and regulatory differences, but they typically include details such as calibration dates, environmental conditions, in-tolerance or out-of-tolerance conditions, traceability statements, and information about the calibration procedure and intervals. Understanding and preserving this certificate is vital for assessing measurement accuracy and mitigating risk associated with uncertainties in measurements.

Learn more about Calibration Certificates

What is your calibration interval?

Determining the right calibration interval for your test and measurement equipment depends on many factors with no “one size fits all” approach available.

Learn what factors can influence your test equipment’s measurement accuracy and what to consider when determining your calibration interval.

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What is metrology?

Metrology ensures that your calibrated instruments deliver accurate results with provable validity. The mission of metrology is to maintain measurement standards, to develop effective new methods, and to ensure that measurements are accepted uniformly around the world.

Why calibrate? Your instruments need to be calibrated against known standards so their results can be trusted to have a universally accepted meaning. Metrology is the science that supports this trust—in both the "meaning" and the measurements:

  • Metrology defines calibration and ensures predictable performance from your measurement tools.
  • Metrology is the discipline that defines standards and codifies accreditation and traceability.
  • Metrology expertise is at the heart of Tektronix' reputation for accuracy, precision, and performance.

At Tektronix, metrology professionals guide calibration policies and procedures at accredited calibration facilities around the world. When you choose Tektronix as your service provider, you get the benefit of an experienced metrology staff plus seasoned technicians applying deep product-specific knowledge.

The result? Services guaranteed to be of the highest quality in the industry.

What is the difference between calibration and validation?

Calibration is the comparison of a measurement device (an unknown) against an equal or better standard, and validation involves documenting that a system or process provides an expected and consistent outcome.

Calibration Terminology

Demystify the calibration process with a better understanding of these key terms.

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